Meet HOOK! -  New School Therapy Dog Joins the Team at HHS

Hannibal High School is proud to announce the arrival of its new therapy dog, Hook. The addition of Hook to the Hannibal Public School community is part of the school's ongoing commitment to promoting student well-being and creating a positive, supportive environment for learning.

Studies have shown that therapy dogs can have a positive impact on student mental health, reducing anxiety and stress levels and promoting feelings of comfort and security. Hook will be available to students and staff during the school day and can be found in the school's counseling center.

"We are thrilled to welcome Hook to our school community," shared Principal Ted Sampson. "We believe that Hook will play an important role in supporting our students and promoting a positive school culture."

Hook has received extensive training, including the Canine Good Citizen Certificate to ensure his suitability for his important role as a facility therapy dog.  With his gentle and affectionate nature, he is sure to provide comfort and support to the students and staff of Hannibal High School, and younger students throughout the district as well.